Keeping Your Carpets Clean

Carpet Cleaning in Martin Mill, Kent


Carpet Cleaning in Martin Mill, Kent

Carpet Cleaning in Martin Mill, Kent, Carpet Cleaning Kent Looking for carpet cleaning in Martin Mill, Kent? There are many reasons why you could need the services of a professional carpet cleaner.

You may have accidentally spilled a glass of red wine, your dog may have been too late getting outside to go to the toilet or maybe you just want to bring a new lease of life to your carpets. Whatever the reason a local carpet cleaner could be just for you.

Carpet Cleaning in your own home in Martin Mill, Kent.

As we know your home is your castle, our carpet cleaning specialists will ensure that they work in your home just as they would if they were in their own home. Our aim is to deliver superior carpet cleaning and to hopefully have a long term service with you.

Whereever you live in Martin Mill Kent, is not too far for our carpet cleaning crew to come. Forget buying your own carpet cleaner, or even hiring one. Let us take the strain on your carpets and breath new life into them.

For some customers, it is almost like buying new carpets but for a fraction of the price. Soon we will have some demonstration videos on line showing how our carpet cleaning solutions can beat anything you may have tried before.

No job is too big or too small. If you have a commercial property that needs carpet cleaning and you are based in Martin Mill, Kent, then get in contact.

So call, email or message us today to start your journey to getting a top of the range carpet cleaning in Martin Mill, Kent.

What makes us different

Unlike most traditional carpet cleaning companies we don’t use water. “How can you clean without water??” well by using a revolutionary dry system that uses mini sponges. In a technique that is quite similar to how you would use a normal sponge to mop up a mess. With a wet carpet clean the following things can happen:

  1. The carpet has that “wet dog” smell which can last for days.
  2. The carpeted area cannot be used for hours, if not days.

In fact if you use too much water it will run down the carpet fibres and be even more difficult to remove. With our dry carpet cleaning system each of the little sponges have just the right amount of water and environmentally friendly cleaning agents to ensure your carpets are cleaning without leaving a damp mess behind.

You might be thinking “I thought this was a dry carpet cleaning system?” Yes it is a dry system in terms of what you get as an end result rather than the process.

Once the sponges have been put on the carpet, the special dry carpet cleaning machine goes to action. As the brushes on the machine rotate in several directions, it means that the small sponges a being wiped over the carpet fibres, which results in the dirt being on the sponges rather than being absorbed by the carpet backing.

Once the clean has finished, just run the vacuum cleaner over it and it will be dry and ready to use.